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At-Home Pampering

Things to do this Fall: At-Home Pampering

by Jenna (our new Intern!)

As Fall is approaching and summer’s rays are dwindling, it becomes a time of transition: the temperature changes, it gets dark earlier in the evening. School has started, and many households are back to the structured, regimented days that Fall brings.  These changes can overwhelm. How do you refresh and relax without taking the time to leave the house?

At home spa day/night: 

I always choose shower over bath, but choosing to take a leisurely bath while listening to your favorite song playlist can certainly help you unwind. Adding a face mask, or a bath bomb to the tub can help you transform your bath to a spa. 

(Photo Credit: Roberto Nickson)

Break out those Fall recipes

What are some of your favorite dishes that you make once Fall arrives?, Kristina's go-tos are Pot Roast, Butternut Squash Risotto, Short Rib Tagliatelle,  and basically any kind of soup. Before long, the weather will get chilly and it’s nice to finally revisit those comfort foods that we love to have when the weather takes a dip. Don’t forget the wine!

Gift Yourself with time

The phrase ‘treat yourself” is so commonly used to justify making all sorts of purchases- but really the best kind of treat is the gift of time.  Spend a day doing things without rushing, savor the food, enjoy the steps that it takes to cook a meal and enjoy the finished product. Slowing down is the ultimate pampering you can give yourself. Happy Fall!

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