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alone in the city

First Blog Post- hooray! I just got back from a trip to NY for work-related stuff, and found myself alone in NYC for a few days. A few days without hearing “Mom!!!” from my boys all day long, a few days to throw all the contents of my suitcase all over the floor in my hotel just because I can, a few days to be able to spend some quality time, all by myself.

 I remember having trouble spending time with myself in my twenties, just dreading getting a table for one at a restaurant, or going to a movie by myself….it was very difficult and I absolutely hated doing it. It was just awkward not having anyone to talk to, and this was before everyone pulled out a Smartphone when they were bored. But, as years went on, I’ve gotten to look forward to doing things alone, to allow myself to be vulnerable- whether that means going to lunch alone, taking a new class alone, to even traveling alone. I’ve found myself getting so much more comfortable with putting myself out there and now really look forward to spending time with my favorite person, myself.

 So back to NYC. How did I take advantage of my alone time? Well I did a lot of wandering the city, first of all. As a Los Angeleno, this is the one thing I do not do enough of! Walking NYC in unseasonably cool summer temperatures was a treat.

Here are some highlights:

Wandering around Eataly:

I wandered around the food aisles at Eataly, an incredible Italian food haven in the Flatiron Building. I may have had a few glasses of wine and wound up buying a purse full of cheese (yes, cheese). And what luck, they happened to be slabs of Pecorino in various stages of aging. YUM!


I was able to take a couple of spin classes at Soulcycle, which I really enjoyed (and so great, especially after being on a plane for a few hours!). Nothing like a class with Stacey Griffith, OG spin guru at Soulcycle, who at one point got on her hands and knees to beg people to spin harder! This was then followed by a disco ball that came down from the ceiling and spun around to conclude the class.

Table for One:

I made a reservation for one at Marea, a wonderful Michelin-starred seafood restaurant (loved it- delicious Crudo and homemade pastas).

BEST Rooftop view of NY:

I went up to the Rooftop bar at Rockefeller Center because I didn’t want my solitude to stop me from enjoying a beautiful evening view and a cocktail while I was in the city. It was worth it- as I got a great view and also met some lovely gals up there who convinced me that we needed to get…….

Meatballs at The Meatball Shop:

Meatballs. Not something I eat regularly, but when in Rome…. Plus, I get to tell people I got meatballs with strangers. That’s funny, right?

Viewing the Lunar Eclipse:

I was in the city during the Lunar Eclipse. Now although I initially had no interest in the eclipse, people on the streets all had Eclipse Fever. An older lady I met outside graciously lent me her eclipse glasses, and when I saw the tiny crescent orange sliver of the eclipse, I have to admit that I was moved by the moment. Like, “tears in my eyes” moved. It really reminded me to just stop, and pause….and admire how grand the universe is, if just for one moment, wearing borrowed paper glasses.

Bryant Park Outdoor Movie:

Walking down a street after dinner, I came across an outdoor movie at Bryant Park. Upon closer inspection, I realized that I have walked upon the last 10 minutes of Dirty Dancing! DIRTY DANCING, people! I walked up just as Patrick Swayze says, “Nobody puts baby in a corner”, and Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey do their final dance sequence. Being in a park with hundreds of people, enjoying the warm summer night was truly special. Alone but with the whole city as company.

I came home to Los Angeles, surprisingly refreshed and invigorated. I realized after my trip that sometimes I need to recharge by being alone for a few days.  Are you comfortable doing things alone? What are your favorite things to do by yourself to recharge?

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