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girlfriends are the best friends

Boom! is now up and running, and I couldn't be more excited.  I was very hesitant to launch the website, as I didn't think the site would ever be *perfect*. As my own worst critic, I've analyzed and criticized every little thing I saw on the website, from photo choice, font, product, and am the first to second-guess myself. So when I told my friends and family about my new business, what I found to be unexpected and so powerful are the positive feedback and words of encouragement that I received from friends and acquaintances. But namely, my girlfriends.

I got a lot of great feedback-whether a short e-mail saying, "Your website looks great." or "Well done, mompreneur!" So many women reached out with well-wishes, Congratulations, and to simply say, "Good Job!". I realized then the strength of the network of women I've surrounded myself with and am so grateful. Never underestimate the power of your female network to lift you up! 

Five reasons why I think girlfriends are the best friends:

1. Girlfriends will always listen to you when you need to unload. And they will listen to the same story over and over because they love you even though they wish you'd shut up.

2. Girlfriends understand the difficulties women face in maintaining balance in work/life/career/children.

3. Girlfriends always tell you how great you look, even when you feel like crap or look terrible.

4. Girlfriends love to get together to celebrate any occasion-  baby shower, birthdays, weddings. Name it and it's on!

5. If wine is on the table, girlfriends will always show you a good time.

You don't need an occasion to celebrate the special girlfriends in your life. I happen to know a really great gifting website that has a great selection of gifts to give your very best friends! (shameless plug):

Best boom! gifts for girlfriends:

gourmet- for the aspiring chef. 

happy hour- for the party animal

romance- for the romantic

sophisticate- for your fun and sassy friend

sweet treats- for your girly friend

vacation mode- for your friend who needs a vacation

Happy Gifting! 


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