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the magic of birthdays

I have always been a "birthday person". Some people I know try to avoid their birthdays, or want to keep them low-key, but not me! I admit, I once brought my own cake to work and forced my co-workers to celebrate with me. Yes, I'm THAT person....But really, I celebrate because I am thankful for health, grateful for my family and happy to celebrate another year on this crazy planet. Which is why I love gifting and bringing joy through my business, boom! I truly enjoy the art of celebrating events and milestones in peoples' lives- and birthdays are a great time to express that joy and gratitude.

When I had boys of my own, I've been able to get really creative with their birthdays:

My son's Ninjago birthday- I even made sushi rice krispie treats!

Combining two of my sons' loves: Knights and Soccer

As you can see, birthdays are in my blood! Recently, I heard about this organization, The Birthday Party Project, and was intrigued by their mission to bring joy to homeless children through the magic of birthdays. They host monthly themed birthday bashes for kids aged 1-22 at homeless and transitional living facilities across the country. I have recently signed up to be a "Birthday Enthusiast" to help with an upcoming birthday party in Los Angeles this April, and I am super excited to be taking part in something that provides me with so much happiness, but also making children feel special and loved on their birthday!

Birthdays being celebrated at a Birthday Project party! So great!

I will update you all with a blog post and let you know about my experience! For more information, or to find out how you can get involved, check out The Birthday Party Project at: www.thebirthdaypartyproject.org.

Are you a "birthday person"? How do you celebrate yourself and your loved ones for their birthdays?



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