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mother's day brunch- ideas to make it special

One tradition that I really love to celebrate is an annual Mother's Day brunch for my friends. As most of my hairbrained ideas,  it started out with a few friends, and then grew exponentially. The more the merrier, right? Well how can you make your Mother's Day brunch a little extra special? Here are some ideas:

1. Figure out how you want your table to look- Choose complementary colors and stick with them for the runner, flowers, and anything else you put on there. FYI- a simple burlap runner goes with everything and you can get it from Michaels- so easy.

2. Individual floral arrangements- Get inexpensive mason jars  and wrap a thick ribbon around the center. Layer with a thinner ribbon and tie in a bow. Purchase some seasonal flowers, add a tag with each person's name on it, and place it in front of their place setting. The nice thing is that they can take it home as a little present after the brunch!

2. Personalize it with photos- One inexpensive but thoughtful way to personalize your flowers is to add something really meaningful to it. Intrigued? Here's what you need:

-wooden coffee stirrers- (Sometimes I "borrow" some from my local coffee place- don't judge)

-photos of children- Troll your friends' social media pages and download small photos of their children (soo creepy, but they'll understand). Print those out and cut them into little squares (around 1-1/2 inch squares). 

-Pretty patterned card stock, or origami paper to use as background "frames" to go around the photos. Cut those into squares, slightly larger than the photos.

Carefully and neatly glue the photos onto the patterned paper, but make sure that the paper is framing the photo. Go to Kinko's and laminate these. Cut them again into squares. They now look like framed photos! Tape the photos onto the coffee stirrers. 

See how cute?

Alternatively, you can also use the photos and insert them into very small frames (which you can get from the dollar store, Michaels or Target dollar bin). 

3. MOM-osa Bar! It is so easy to put together a mimosa bar- just have prosecco/champagne and orange juice for mimosas, peach nectar for bellinis, whatever juices you enjoy. Have a couple of garnishes such as raspberries, blueberries or mint sprigs. Have champagne flutes out and have guests help themselves. You can download these adorable printables here: http://crispcollective.org/2017/05/12/mom-osa-bar/

photo courtesy of Crisp Collective

4. Treats and Sweets: If you want to go EXTRA, then add a sweet treat at each place setting- such as Sugarfina candy cubes, small macarons in a box, or something unexpected like a small travel candle. 

There you have it. Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there!


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