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New Year, No Resolutions

As we are now a few days into this new year- actually, new decade, I always feel compelled to pull together a list of the things I want to improve in my life. Do you all do this? I know I am not alone- people set goals to lose weight, get organized, eat better, save money, and the list goes on. A clean slate to start anew, to do things differently. But what I am deciding to do this year is to not have any resolutions. Crazy, right? I guess my "resolution" this year is to be content with my life as it currently is. Don't get me wrong, there are many things for me to improve upon: I am a terrible pack rat, love to procrastinate, feed my kids take out too often...but often I find that when I have a bar I try to set, it keeps me from enjoying the current moment and find acceptance with things as they are, not how I wish them to be. So instead of a list of resolutions, I've decided to create a list of new things to try this year, because doesn't that sound better and so much more positive?

So what's on my list of things to learn or try?


Ice Skating- My 11 year old learned how to skate playing hockey, and I do have envy when I've seen him effortlessly and gracefully cut through the ice. And...all that skating gave him a terrific booty, which I'd love to have as a side bonus for learning how to skate.

Make homemade pasta- this one's been on my list for like, 20 years. And I know it's not that hard! I've watched videos of people making a flour hill and cracking an egg on it and just massage all of that into pasta. It can't be that difficult but yet I still don't know how. Next year I will.

Learn how to needlepoint- Yes you heard it right. Needlepoint. Because I want to learn this very traditional skill and make those needlepoint canvases- you know, the kind you see in people's bathrooms that say, "Home Sweet Home", but instead I wanna do subversive quotes and sayings and give them as gifts. I know, I'm super weird.

Get more plants and keep them alive- This can't be hard, yet I can't do this. If I can keep 2 children and a leopard gecko alive, plants can't be much harder, right? 

So there you go. 4 new things I want to try in the new year. I'll circle back with you on how I'm doing with my list. Happy New Year! Happy New Decade!

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