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Share some zen all year long with this beautifully assembled gift for all occasions. Give as a thank you gift, a housewarming present or just because.

What's Inside?

No. Six Depot Mandarin Rooibos Tea Also known by its English translation, Redbush, this “red tea” is grown only in South Africa. Rooibos is caffeine-free, low in tannins, and high in antioxidants, making it a favorite health drink purported to fight cancer, tension and digestive issues. This version is lightly oxidized to produce its distinctive reddish-brown color and smooth flavor and then infused with mandarin orange to give it a warm, citrus flavor. Loose tea. 4 oz.

Be Home Stoneware Mug- Well made, minimalist design. 13 oz.

French Farm Coasters- Set of four blue stripe farmhouse fabric coasters. Each coaster is roughly 4 square inches.

Bee Raw Bergamot Scented Beeswax CandleSubtly scented with pure bergamot oil, this raw beeswax candle releases notes of honey and green citrus. Notes of honey and green citrus.

The candle in this jar is pure, raw beeswax – a renewable by-product of honey production. It comes directly from hives tended by small, family-owned apiaries doing all they can to save the bees. Unlike paraffin, raw beeswax cleans the air as it burns - no toxins, no petroleum, just natural.  Lightly scented with bergamot.

  • 100% Beeswax
  • Lead-free hemp cord wick
  • Hand poured in Brooklyn